Whether you’re a broadcaster, a production company or a format designer, you know that many good ideas need help to become well-structured formats, and many good formats need help to develop into something really special. And that's what the Format Doctor does.



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We make a detailed forensic analysis of your format, whether it is in development, in pilot form or already on air. We have a reputation for bringing an objective 'outsider' view to your show that allows you to see the wood for the trees.  

"So refreshing to talk concepts through without a hint of self-preservation or protection and to get a completely fresh pair of eyes on everything"



As well as our experience in format design and TV production, we have a 'toolbox' of methods for working out what is and isn't working, and how to improve your format, including game theory, dramatic and satisfaction 'arcs', scoring and elimination systems, people/time ratios and many other useful tools.  

"Justin's analytical mind makes an impression.  He knows in a systematic way how to deconstruct different game elements and expose their functionality.  Not for nothing is he called the Format Doctor" 



We will help you to develop your idea into a structured narrative that unfolds and resolves in a form viewers will respond to. And we always propose specific and relevant solutions to make your format work better.

"We've just put the show to bed, and I wanted to thank you again for your guidance. The team have executed an impressive turnaround and it would not have been possible without you"